Thursday, 15 December 2011

sampling the history of image making

” practice is a constant search for beauty...” says
Australian artist Miranda Skoczek who came to create
an ideal opus where different cultural backgrounds
found common ground: inspired by nearly everything
from the history of visual art she celebrates what's
beautiful and good providing a new key to look at
the way humankind decorated and embellished their
surroundings from the beginning of time wisely suggesting
that there's always something new to discover.

She creates artworks with flora and fauna motifs in
which different cultural references are clearly detectable
yet looking self-expressive by sampling and remixing
traditional decorative iconographies skillfully reinterpreting
embroideries, folk patterns, Chinese and Japanese prints,
Mughal miniatures, Islamic facets, street art, 
textiles and architecture.

Miranda gave form to her own symbolic 'art-time-machine'
nullifying any distance between past and present, high
and low art, east and west, concept and depiction,
design and painterly with her physical artworks to which
calligraphic markings and layering of paint add a cloth
like surface as well an haptic sense of history.

”My work speaks of a desire to create sanctuaries for the self.
It gestures towards fantasy and a space where new
meanings are actualized, and the everyday exoticised.”

she wrote on her website's 'bio' page and that's what 
I like about her, not making grand statements about art
or society but simply offering... food for thought.

> all artworks from the artist's website <

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