Thursday, 22 December 2011

out of Africa

I always smile with pleasure at appraising the work of young
British designer Felicity Brown (check her full name tag 
to see her previous collections) who doesn't lose focus 
on her artisanal approach to tailored fashion with her 
latest collection for next year's spring-summer.

Inspired by Victorian lady adventures in Africa and moreover
by legendary writer and explorer Mary Henrietta Kingsley
who played a part in shaping the European idea of Africa
traveling back and forth the so deemed 'Dark Continent' 
in quite an unsuitable role for a Victorian woman, the 
collection remains true to the designer's layered aesthetic.

Felicity's deep fascination with Africa and broadly for tribal
costumes is once again reinterpreted through deconstructed
patterns in hand dyed silk jersey tubes while the whole
collection shows a sublime Victorian tailoring with nude
silk tulle dresses, puff-sleeved cotton tops and frayed
edge skirts in cunning, more wearable outfits.

A sense of timeless elegance with graceful pre-Raphaelite
echoes is powerfully conveyed by the collection's exquisite
lookbook in which her gorgeous pieces are skillfully exalted
by the pristine images taken by fashion photographer
Oskar Cecere with Elite's model Georgie Wass.
A real marvel collection, done up brown according to
Felicity's perception of upscale modern dressing.

> all images © by Oskar Cecere <

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