Friday, 16 December 2011

lace in place

Annie Bascoul's 'Moucharabieh' and 'Jardin de lit'
Let's get lost in Birmingham today, lost in... lace.
Lost in Lace” is the amazing name of a gripping exhibition
currently on display at Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery,
BMAG, exploring the relationship between lace and space
through dramatic sensitive installations made by 
twenty UK and international artists.

Chiharu Shiota's 9x9 meter black thread web
A place where you can walk into a world of lace gazing at
its unique language, patterns and techniques through large
scale installations theatrically arranged to involve visitors
into open-ended spaces divided by exciting threadworks
pushing them to deal with blurred and shifted boundaries.

Atelier Manferdini's 'Inverted Crystal Cathedral'
”Lost in Lace” is a parntnership event with UK's Crafts Council,
actually the first programmed through the Council's biennal
'Fifty' and artists include designers and makers from many
different countries and a wide range of issues, from personal
narratives to geo-political works: check out the 
comprehensive list of artists and artworks here.

Piper Shepard's with BMAG's historic point de gaze
upper: Diana Harrison from UK exposing the underlying structure
lower: UK Michael Brennand-Wood works on a wall constellation-like pattern
BMAG displays its own historic lace collection for the very
first time letting visitors able to find out its history as well 
to see different types of laceworks while increasing public 
awareness of contemporary craft. 
Get laced with lace!

> all images © Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery, 2011 <

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