Wednesday, 14 December 2011

everlasting fun project

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In these days of pre-Christmas splurge I'd really like to come
across merry and natty garments to pep up the festive mood
but Everlasting Sprout's latest collection as far as I know
won't unlickily be at hand.

'Everlasting Sprout' s/s 2012 collection was themed as
"Mizutama-Kokoro" where "Mizutama” stands for polka dot
and ”Kokoro” for heart to express the warmheartedness of girls
in love. A fun project for free-spirited urban girls that reminds
me of Tavi Gevison's style for its ironic and personal approach
to everyday fashion and that's exactly the way a young 
girl should look at it without shamming.

The original Japanese label was founded by designer Keiichi
Muramatsu who graduated from Tokyo's Bunka fashion
college specializing in knit design back in 2004 when he
came home after interning in Italy as an assistant designer
at Prato-based yarn company Lineapiù group.

A collection shouting out ”Express yourself!” by joyfully
mixing patterns, tones and textures for a sophisticated yet
street-friendly look with smart retro hints and a lot of wits
enhanced by messy hairstyles, oversized old-fashioned
looking glasses and patterned ankle socks.
Simply bewitching!

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  1. Penso di essere un feticista. Si, dei calzaettoni. Adoro questi qua tantissimo!! :)