Friday, 18 November 2011

steampunk couture

Haute couture's custom-fitted exclusiveness always
required a theatrical display to point out its own essential
qualities setting up throughout the last two centuries
multiple tie-ins with theatre for its dramatical potential,
a close relationship that has been unerringly 
hailed as 'theatre in fashion'.

A plot-less techno-drama, a dark and creepy show
held the complete attention of Dubai's fashion week
guests at the World Trade Center when lionized
Philippines-born, Dubai-based couturier Furne One,
owner and chief designer of Amato couture brand
(previous post here) unveiled his s/s 2012 collection.

Partially inspired by a horror movie of the 70's and
therefore called ”It's alive”, the dazzling performance
showcased pale and stiff models, sort of cyborg
goddesses robotically walking the aisle wearing
steampunk high-collared looks with oversized 
sleeves and hugely padded shoulders.

A great parade of layered tulle, laces and see-through
mises in pastel shades mostly in pink as well in ivory,
light green and powder blue shades with opulent
embellishments made of exquisite beadworks and
embroideries bewilderingly accessorized with chains,
kitchen tools, light bulbs and electrical hardware.

Both the show and the collection confirmed Furne as
a master showman and a first-rate designer placing
emphasis on his umblemished crafstmanship and
his unique penchant for drama. Bravo!

> all images © by Elmer Magallanes Jr. / Amato Haute Couture <

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