Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Snow White and the poised queens

Yesterday I was watching the trailers of two upcoming
movies upon Snow White (you know, I'm a dreamer with
a strong penchant for fairy tales), namely ”Snow White
and the huntsman” and ”Mirror, mirror” and they suddenly
jogged my memory back to the images of London-based
designer Inbar Spector and the 'Poised Queens' she
presented at the latest Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

After a couple of seasons off, Inbar came back with a gritty
s/s 2012 collection strangely inspired by 'living nightmares'
and 'visions of violence' referring to her homeland threatened
life, a collection that stays true to the Israeli-born 
designer's sophisticated style mixing painstakingly 
constructed dresses, crinolines and corsetry.

A riveting collection which isn't dark at all, yet a bright
exercise on contrast and texture with clever hints to the 
gothic aesthetic: heavily manipulated sheer fabrics 
give birth to structured dresses among which a stunning 
golden metallic beehive-shaped piece.

Lace, silks and metallic faux leather in a monochrome palette
are paired with sculptural oversized jackets and amazing
ruffled dresses in light pink and green while punkish
mohawks, heeled black Mary Janes, chains and zippers
underline the futuristic flavor of the collection.
Dreamlike, edgy clothes that look highly wearable 
at the same time.

> all images © by Tony Wellington photography <

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