Saturday, 5 November 2011

the patient gardener

Believe it or not, a campus study retreat, an hourglass-shaped
two-storey hut looking like a fairy tale shelter is slowly 
growing in the gardens of Milan's Politecnico, the 
scientific-technological University training engineers, 
architects and industrial designers since 1863.
During last September week-long workshop MIAW2 
dedicated to give rise to new visions of green design, 
the Stockholm-based architecture firm 'Visiondivision
was invited as guest professors setting up together 
with a group of students a study retreat at
the campus gardens with... patience 
as the main key for its design.

The garden dome-shaped structure, called ”The patient
gardener” will be shaped from a ring of ten cherry trees
bent, tied and woven together with two of them forming
a staircase to reach the treetop level: obviously it will take
decades to grow, the Swedish planners estimate that the
final result will be enjoyed in about 60 years from now on.

Although the project's loveliness I detect a bit of brutality 
in it like in the old Chinese feet-binding practice 
or the bonsai branch-bending techniques yet I 
deeply envy next generation students chatting 
and relaxing between classes in such
a cozy and scented place.

> all images © by Visiondivision, 2011 <

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    What a lovely idea! Why not shape and bend some trees into such art work? We style our hair and look different with flat or high heels. Trees can pull this off as well and it certainly is not cruel; they live and probably very happy with so many admiring eyes looking at them...
    Love to you,