Monday, 14 November 2011

mechanical poetry in the Twitter age

You know how life's greatest pleasures come from
simplest things: raindrops on roses and whiskers on
kittens as in 'My favorite things' lyrics or rather from
small cherished works of art, exquisite and moving.
I took great delight today in discovering Mullanium's
mind-blowing bird sculptures.

'Mullanium' is the name of a unique artistic duo made
by self-taught Southern Californian artist Jim Mullan and
his wife Tori from Port Charlotte, Florida, who met each
other at a show suddenly discovering their mutual
interests in old watches, jewelry and antiques as well
their fascination with birds and objets trouvés.

They build together stunning jewels, wish boxes and 
mirrors but I actually go bonkers for their 'Song Birds', 
amazing little bird sculptures made combining their 
individual talents and love for mixed media with their 
own endless collection of antique found objects, 
vintage hardware and bird carvings.

Breathtaking minute portraits of our feathered friends 
carefully made by hand with watches parts, old school 
rulers, tiny hardware and metal paraphernalia together 
with outlandish relics such as croquest balls, theatre 
binoculars, spools and old toys used as props dexterously 
giving life to the once forgotten pieces of yesterday.
Sheer bliss!

> all images from Jim & Tori Mullan's website <


  1. Simply amazing!!!

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