Tuesday, 29 November 2011

'hellofashion' nonstop collection

model Ellen Rooijakkers, fashion designer, 2008
Each one of us has long-cherished clothes, garments
we aren't able to ged rid of or simply put out of our
mind wearing them over and over until the inescapable
change of season and that's why Monique van Heist's
trans-seasonal idea of fashion is driving me bonkers.

model Yke Schotten, illustrator, 2009
Monique is a Dutch fashion designer who established
her eponymous label, 'moniquevanheist', in 2004
after studying at Enschede's AKI academy of fine arts
and receiving her master degree from Fashion Institute
Arnhem ever since exploring ”the grey areas of our
dress culture while applying a god dose of humor.”

model Milou van Rossum, fashion journalist, 2008
alphabet necklace with Martine Viergever, 2009
Two years ago she launched ”hellofashion”, her own
constantly growing collection of garments, accessories
and lifestyle products smartly challenging fashion's ritual
cycle by adding new items at any given time.
Monique proudly declares that fashion ain't a throwaway:
”...I thought it was strange that all my designs disappeared
after a single season simply because you had to make 
a new collection so it came down to me wanting 
to work on one large collection which continually 
grows and will always exist...”.

model Charlotte Kan, fashion designer, 2009
model Siriane, photographer & stylist, 2007-10
Monique wants her customers to be able to buy new stuff
when they truly need them, presenting 'for all seasons'
designs where basically the shapes are the same while 
materials vary per season: would it be hard for you 
to wear out your dearest wollen coat? Don't worry, 
you'll find the same 'moniquevanheist'
design as a cotton cardi!

model Noortje Zijlstra, designer, 2010
safety-pin with Martine Viergever, 2010
I really love the whole idea of it, the fact that it never 
runs out of season with old items always available 
as well having shot the lookbook with models from 
the real world, women from all walks of life 
photographed with the dress from ”hellofashion”
collection paired with some from their own wardrobe, 
as to say à la mode and against it in her 
own peculiar way to sustainability.
Sheer genius!

model Corry Okkinga, retired gymnastics teacher, 2010
> all portrait images styled by Caroline Fuchs, photo by Daan Brand <
> still life photos by Ingmar Swalue <

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