Wednesday, 23 November 2011

colorful body & soul

> photo by Emi Momota <
Japanese performing artist Kofuneko Tomoko is
widely known in the avant-garde milieu for being both 
the artist and the model of her body expression works. 
The Kanazawa-based body artist previously graduated
in oil painting from the local college then started working
on her body to expand the physical expression conveying
the vibrations of her soul to many people sharing 
joy, excitement and energy.

> photo by Chiaki Takayama <
Strongly fascinated by ethnic elements, she began
practising African dance in her sophomore year,
collaborated after graduation with West Papua natives
in Indonesia and keeps on travelling the world: maybe
she's still painting and performing, not to mention
posing for pictures, in Vanuatu, ”the land of body
art” or even in Bhutan as she wrote in her weblog.

> photo by Keita Kojima <
> photo by Makiko Furuichi <
Kofuneko Tomoko has been featured in many exhibitions,
mostly in Japan but also in Europe like in last year's Berlin
To-Be which smartly stands for Tokyo+Berlin communication
art, the multidisciplinary exhibition that came to highlight
works by 28 artists from Japan and Germany researching
spheres of common ground in the ”Being and 
Becoming” in both cultures.

> both pictures by Katsuwo for Wowza magazine <
Her work appeared in the acclaimed and much reviewed
cover story with images taken by photographer and graphic
designer Katsuwo (Akira Takashi Matsunaga) for Wowza
magazine, or ”everything that's a visual wow”, the au courant
Canadian magazine celebrating creativity in all of its modern
manifestations and earlier this year received the Taro
Okamoto award for contemporary art succeeding the
challenging spirit of the avant-garde artist. 

Kofuneko's a real artist under her painted skin!

> photo by Katsuwo <

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