Tuesday, 1 November 2011

the Chinese way to haute couture

Beijing's China 10-day-long fashion week will
come to an end tomorrow after a massive
showcase of collections from local labels in
the event's ordinary frenzy mixing bathing
suits and lingerie trends, bridal gowns,
ready-to-wear and haute couture outfits.
It's not easy as always to spot wearable proposals
or unerring trends yet the comeliness of some
duds mixing Chinese traditional motifs with
Western designs deserves a cursory glance.

'NE Tiger' which has been hailed as China's
oldest luxury fashion label (it was established
19 years ago) opened as usual the event showing
off the latest s/s 2012 couture collection ”Tang
Dynasty” with brightly colored long gowns,
handmade embroideries and replicas of attire
from the Tang dynasty (AD 618 to AD 907).

”The haute couture industry in China is developing 
vigorously without any signs of slowing down...” the
brand's founder and chief designer Zhang Zhifeng
said after the show, ”...I was inspired by stories of 
the Tang Dynasty, it was so brilliant in terms of 
both economy and civilization that in many ways it 
still has influence on today's Chinese society”.

'NE Tiger' boasts an established retail network
and reportedly dedicated following, right at the
heart of the world's fastest-growing buoyancy
in the demand for luxury products.
Crisis, what crisis?!

> all images © by AP/Andy Wong <

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Oh my, such elegant models! Reminds me of the elegant flight attendants from Singapore Airlines in the 80s. It is said that they do have the tiniest waist of all women... These models look also very elegant and graceful with super tiny waists.
    Sure we can expect lots more in the near future from China. A crafty people like most Asian countries and combining cultural treasures from the past with the skills from today it can be worked out. BUT the world first has to get rid of the expanding obesity...

    Love to you,