Wednesday, 16 November 2011

captured spirits break free

London-based Chinese designer Jennifer Kong 
came to present a colorful s/s small collection called 
”Captured Spirit” showing minimalistic layered pieces 
with distinctive cuts and shapes, vertical stripes and 
bold colors which is a true statement collection.

Graduated from London's College of Fashion, the young
designer was inspired by the shocking practice of the
Padaung group of Myanmar (former Burma) where
women wear brass rings to elongate their necks as
a sign of great beauty and wealth, a dreadful custom
that became the glinting symbol of their repression.

Kong's offbeat collection kindles feminist utterances
while producing a sophisticated offering in snug viscose
cotton and duchesse satin for the liberated women
of the West skillfully showing how the conflict 
between two cultures can produce a third.
A simple and glaring collection bearing an emphatic
message: may all captured spirits find the courage
to break free of outdated thoughts and stereotypes.

> all images © by Vikram Kushwah <

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