Thursday, 10 November 2011

bar code panache

Machine-readable codes made of numbers and parallel
lines of varying widths are all around us identifying each
kind of product but there's a bar code linked to fashion,
the one in Radha Durma's logo.

Born in London and raised in Ludhiana, Punjab, India,
Radha Durma is a young designer and knitwear expert
who established her own label in January this year after
graduating from London College of Fashion and from
NIFT, New Delhi's National Institute of Design with a
penchant for neo goth and dark looks.

Known for her signature laser cuts, Radha's s/s 2012
collection shows intriguing outfits in which black typically
takes center stage with PVC leggings, rib cage tops,
lace dresses and studded short jackets inspired by
her favorite themes in a sort of gothic surrealism.

> images © by Dorota Mulczynska/Radha Durma <
”Nothing's perfect and nothing lasts forever” is the
clever motto she chose to define her nonconformist,
self-confident, undergoing constant evolution style.

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