Tuesday, 18 October 2011

strength from frailty

A strong sense of common ethnic and cultural identity
has tied up Italy and Greece ever since the classical period
which endured over two millennia and despite the intellectual
rivalry countless exchanges shaped the Mediterranean
communal civilization. This ageless link to a certain extent
formed Greek designer Angelos Frentzos' fashion career.

Born in Athens, he graduated from the local School 
of Fine Arts and Printing Design and started working 
as print designer for textile companies before 
teaming up with coeval designer Sophia Kokosalaki 
to create conceptual, experimental garments 
based on the so called 'new age' music era.

London's appeal and a will of his own to improve his 
skills brought Angelos graduating in fashion design and 
textile from prestigious Central Saint Martins in 1997,
when he began to draw up his debut women's collection
that was unveiled two years later in Milan Fashion 
Week represented by Breramode.

 'Angelos Frentzos' is now widely known as both a menswear
and womenswear label with a young couture statement,
a contemporary look able to respect and tell the 
Mediterranean tradition through simple silhouettes, 
an expert choice of fabrics and amazing all-over 
inked naturalistic prints.
Called 'Strangeaway Sunpetals' the whole collection 
bears a new-romantic flavor skillfully blended with 
the rock attitude the label is known for in 
a clever mix of strength and frailty.

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