Thursday, 27 October 2011

poetic X-rayed stitching

Something magic happens when the traditional art
of embroidering clothes meets the emotionless medical
images produced by X-rays passing through parts
of the body and their consequent clash in the
one-of-a-kind artworks made by Matthew Cox.
I bet I wouldn't stop myself from touching them to feel
both rough and smooth textures literally reading with
my fingertips, a sensation the pictures barely describe.

The Philadelphia-based artist embraces a whole variety
of media producing several thematic works but I'm nuts
about his imaginative blend of X-ray images and embroidery
stitches where poetry and creativeness are nicely balanced.
”For me, stitching has a nurturing aspect and acts as care 
giving or healing to the injured, a traditionally feminine
sort of action, while X-ray itself can be considered 

 masculine and unemotional...” he wrote on his 
website page about his redefinition motivation.

”Redefinition of the intention of materials has
increasingly become the common ground between

 the different objects that I make” he stated.
Matthew Cox studied at Parsons School of Design
in New York and Otis/Parsons College of Arts
in L.A., his work is featured in the New Orleans
Musuem of Art collection, the city he periodically
lived in over the last twenty years, and has been
awarded the Pew Charitable Trusts Fellowship
in Arts in 2008.

His stunning artworks will be on display 
on the first days of December at Pulse Miami,
the contemporary art fair providing through its
annual editions in New York, L.A. and Miami
a unique platform for galleries to present
renowned and pioneering artists that came
to set an art market experience both dynamic
and inviting: exactly like Matthew Cox's
cutting-edge works.

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