Saturday, 29 October 2011

boundary-breaking knits

You know how much I adore knitwear and the chunkier
they are the better they are, that's why I've always
been very keen on award winning designer and
knitwear virtuoso Johan Ku.

The Taipei-born, UK-based designer who began his career
as a graphic designer at the age of 17 before establishing
his own design studio in 2005 briskly made a name for
himself through bulky, sculptural knit masterworks.

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Ku's s/s 2012 collection is called ”The Two Faces” hinting
at the fact that the garments change color in the dark
glowing blue and green thanks to special yarns like lit
by Wood lights emitting long wave UV radiation.
A sharp-witted spin on the collection's seduction yet just
a stage effect for the sake of appearance rather than use.

Actually I'm not interested in the glimmering-in-the-dark
feature of last Japan Fashion Week show yet, as always
with Ku, in his ability to cross the border between fashion
and art with his own sculptural shapes and unique textiles.

Ku's knits are sublime, the consummate mix of natural
and man-made fibers (he succeeded in developing
brand new threads together with homeland Taiwan
yarn makers only after great efforts)
as well as his
signature sculpture-like silhouettes simply rousing.
When it comes to knitwear, Johan Ku stands alone.

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