Thursday, 29 September 2011

turning wastes into dressmaking

Recycling, the good practice of converting waste
into resuable materials, has been the starting point 
of the stimulating exhibition I briefly visited 
today at the Centrum ”Sete Sóis Sete Luas” 
on my way home.

Called ”Scart” (playing on the words art and scarto,
Italian for junk) the small exhibition shows the other
side of everyday goods turning the discarded ones
into brand new products, suggestions and exercises
in style by Florence Academy of Fine Arts' students.

I confess I did it in haste 'cause I was terribly late
(waste vs. haste) focusing my attention mostly on
the dresses made from old tires, leather color cards,
stationery debris, shoes outsoles, bingo numbers,
 confectionery paperboards, plastic bottles and 
orange rubber gloves (see pics in order).

Notwithstanding my hurried tour  
they really made my day.

1 comment:

  1. those are so neat! i love the brown one, very sculptural