Monday, 5 September 2011

Tokyo's instant bonanza

”Tokyo Girls Collection” better known as TGC,
is one of Japan's hottest event, showcasing the
upcoming season's trendy street wear which is
open not only to buyers and fashion insiders but
to consumers (mainly 20 to 35 year-old women) 
who can smartly buy on the spot the runway 
outfits using their own mobiles.

The absorbing 13th edition took place last week
in Saitama Super Arena, christened Saitama
Smile Arena for the occasion being this year's
TGC called ”Smile for ___”, a title created as
an effort to restore hope after March destructive
earthquake where the ”____” was meant to
represent a blank for people to fill in, and more
than 32,000 attendees proved to appreciate the
event's culture of immediacy and inclusivity.

images 1 > 4 from Cecil McBee's AW11 collection
A true first-hand experience with hundreds of
looks and trends for girls and young women,
from tartans to black leather: real clothes,
something you don't have to wait another
season for, kawaii street wear one
can put on right away.

images 5 - 6 from Ozoc's AW11 collection
Some labels took my eyes for the original
approach to everyday wear: Cecil McBee
with a clever reinterpretation of 70's British
style; Malaysian fashion wholesale Ozoc
that came to show an ironic mix of classic
and streetstyle garments and the compelling
”The Night Porter” special collection 
with its strong links to Liliana Cavani's 
1974 provocative movie.

No one plays with street wear like Japanese
fashion-conscious girls do!

images 7 > 9 from ”The Night Porter” special collection
all images © of Tokyo Girls Collection

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