Friday, 16 September 2011

Sui generis suaveness

Famed Detroit-born designer Anna Sui pays
homage in her collections to a thriving
age of fashion, the decades across the 60's
and 70's when illustrator and photographer
Antonio Lopez introduced vintage clothing and
dance music to Paris, evoking the glamorous
vibes of Club Sept, the nighspot that was the
center of attention in those optimistic days.

Her spring/summer 2012 collection shows
her clever mix of bold graphic colored prints
and patchwork patterns mostly on black; highly
wearable belted vintage-looking frocks as in her
own distinctive way and startling accessories
such as turbans and headpieces, amazing 
socks and chunky necklaces.

Once again Anna joyfully reinvents herself as
a skilled fabricaholic (she went fabric shopping
with her mother since her salad days quickly
becoming besotted with) without following
trends yet pursuing her own glamourous and
ironic vision masterly mixing personal 
dreams and memories.

An amazing collection, full of ideas and vibrant
suggestions with lively-suited retro looking
standouts: each one a next season's must-have.

> all photos © by Gianni Pucci/ <

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  1. I looooove it! Am I a nostalgic guy? Bold kisses to MikaPoka.