Wednesday, 14 September 2011

stunning zero-waste clothing

Do you think that a profitable business can be ethical?
You do? Good, because my guess is that within a few
years we'll see more and more ethically designed fashion
for the sake of our old exploited planet and today's
pioneers of sustainable design will be recognized
for their trailblazing role.

Tara St. James is the owner and designer of Study-NY
who's spearheading right-minded fashion design through
open source materials and no-waste patternmaking.
Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, she lives and
works in New York's Brooklyn borough where she
established her own label in 2009.

A strong and energetic presence among young
sustainable designers, Tara supplies her talent
to various organizations: she's the fashion director
for The Uniform Project, a fund-raising platform
for destitute children and as an experienced
adviser at Awamaki Lab, the cross-cultural
program fostering partnerships between
designers and Peru's Awamaki indigenous
weaver collective (see previous post here).

Tara's Study-NY came to present the AW 11-12
collection at New York fashion week educating
the audience to sustainable fabrics and fair-trade
production showing a bevy of compelling zero-waste
pieces made out of recycled textiles, organic cotton,
hemp and reclaimed wool.

Quite a posh collection, partly inspired by Tara's 
mother whose 80's style and fashion aesthetic was 
her spur in becoming a designer in which St. James
plays with a patchwork of fabrics (she works with
Indian artisans to create limited edition 
runs of hand-woven textiles).

I simply adore its sense of classy thriftiness, the
irregular shapes of jackets and overcoats worn
with cardigans and tricot wool tops as well 
the vintage-looking blouses.
Laced up men's shoes and necklaces made from
scrap fabric and recycled copper piping complete
the collection's thoughtful allure.

> images © by Lauren Bilanko <

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