Tuesday, 20 September 2011

nonpareil beauty from above

contrails and chemtrails in yesterday's sky
Summer's about to end and these days' clear sky
often shows cross-hatching aircraft contrails that
always make me think, casting doubts upon their
own composition. Have you ever guessed how 
they may look from above?

contrails from space, ”evidence of life on planet Earth” Nespoli wrote
I've been collecting the stunning images taken 
by Italian ESA astronaut and gifted photographer 
Paolo Nespoli from the International Space 
Station in January this year as a digest
of our planet's unparalleled beauty in details.
I must confess that I've taken the liberty of 
turning or resizing most of them on purpose 
to make a sort of inspiration board.

overlooking Tietê river, northwest of São Paulo, Brazil
frozen landscape in northern Canada
Paolo went twice to the station, first aboard
space shuttle Discovery and this time as the
STS-120 crew mission specialist always taking
wondrous pictures and lately sharing them on
Twitter by the name @astro_paolo fully 
capitalizing his enviable, unique point of view.
Among them the well-known heart-shaped atoll
the astronaut aptly posted on Valentine's Day.

heart-shaped atoll, north east of Solomon islands
above Onekotan volcanic island, north end of Kuril Islands
blue Caribbean Sea off the coast of Belize
Lugano and Como lakes in the foothills of the Alps, Italy-Switzerland border
A million thanks spaceman, kudos and best
wishes to go up in the stratosphere once more:
”non c'è due senza tre” (all good things 
come in threes, after all)!

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli, © GCTC, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre
images 2 > 8 © by ESA/NASA/Paolo Nespoli


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    You love to surprise your readers! This is a fabulous post and indeed we have to be grateful to this astronaut for such wonderful images! Looking at our planet it is a miracle how things come together and how it works out.
    Love to you,


  2. Wow, this is a really gorgeous post indeed!!!