Thursday, 1 September 2011

Jimmy D's kind of magic

New Zealand's most intriguing designer James Dobson,
aka Jimmy D, opened his show yesterday at New Zealand
fashion week with a poignant adaptation of Queen's
”It's a kind of magic” setting the tone for his 
winter 2012 collection and fully showing how his  
last winter's black metal girl has grown up and 
fallen in with a futuristic clan of warrior witches”.

Of course there were black and silk and the distinctive
sense of gothic drama the designer's brand is known for,
yet this collection bears a more elegant and somewhat
romantic lure with paneled and flawlessy draped creations,
perfect textures, riveting all over prints and surprisingly
unexpected bright red flimsy pieces.

photos 1 > 4 © by Jessica Sim

NZFW's brand new Viaduct Events Centre was abuzz
with hundreds of people watching the show, styled by
Chris Lorimer, with models wearing fantastic ink
detailings around their eyes, masterly done by
Amber D of MAC, superbly enhancing the 
gothic feel of it all.

Jimmy worked close together with Auckland
fellow citizen artist and musician Andrew McLeod
who created amazing chinoiserie-inspired print
designs and tapestry digital collages which are
particularly suited to bring out the enthralling
collection's gist.

catwalk photos © by John Selkirk - NZFW Micheal Ng

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