Tuesday, 13 September 2011

the gorgeous life of Gaschette

Nowadays the definition 'young creative' has often
used as a buzzword, most of the times simply
meaning new or unusual and you know how
much creativity has been mainstreamed 
by the fashion industry.

Gaschette is a collaboration of young innovative
minds, a gifted collective from Johannesburg
that sees fashion quite differently than others do 
offering a true inventive set of conceptual styling, 
art direction and photo shoot production 
services aiming ”to share, create and 
inspire through fashion”.

I'm nuts about their latest photo shoot called
”Open Season” with photos and digital
retouching by Steve Marais, art direction by
Colin O'mara Davis and styling by Jessica
Lupton which is powerfully evocative.

The gorgeous life of Gaschette' is the group's
weblog run by the Gaschette Girls where you
can skim through their works as well as in
Marie Claire South Africa's current issue
introducing ”a fresh crop of South African
designers exploring their roots, capturing the
essence of our urban lifestyle” featuring images 
chosen by designers Kutloano Molokomme,
 Jessica Sutherland and the group's 
sister label Avant Apparel.

> all images © by Gaschette, 2011

 Thumbs up for the young antipodal talents!

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