Sunday, 18 September 2011

beware of satyrs

Beautiful maidens, extremely delicate and
light, too perfect for our material world, hit
the runway of Cibeles Madrid fashion week
in Elisa Palomino's today show strongly
fascinating the event's audience.

The experienced Spanish designer who's
widely known for her fairy-tale fondness
as well for her remarkable career presented
her spring 2012 collection whose major
influence is the Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic.

Elisa's sylph looking models with rosy cheeks
and cherry lips wear romantic hand-embroidered
gossamer dresses, fishnets loaded with beaded
flowers and fluid silks printed with leaves, birds
and butterflies in a clever allegory of 
the enchanted forest.

Amazing headpieces made by Laura Fernandez
and Angel Love highlight the dreamy aura and
the passionate nature of the whole collection.
Just beware of satyrs, ethereal beauties!

all images © by Podium pictures

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