Wednesday, 17 August 2011

wooden textiles design

photos © by Sebastian Neeb
Could you ever imagine a wooden surface
which can be easily manipulated by touch,
draped and even worn? That's exactly what
Berlin-born designer Elisa Strozyk came to
realize with her jaw-dropping ”wooden textiles”.

photos © by Thorsten Doerk, Andreas Körner/Trüffelschwein
She skillfully transformed solid wood into
a flexible surface whose geometric tiles,
according to design and size, can be shaped
and draped to create sui generis garments,
accessories, upholstery, curtains or floorings.

photo © by Thorsten Doerk, Andreas Körner/Trüffelschwein
Obviously wood needs to be deconstructed
into tiny patterns, by hand or laser cut, then
reassembled and fastened onto a textile base
to create a brand new material, half wood-half
textile, familiar and strange at the same time,
challenging our senses amid hard and soft
and pushing the boundaries between 2-D
and 3-D with a brand new tactile experience.

photos © by Sebastian Neeb
Elisa studied at ENSAD in Paris, got her diploma
in Textile and Surface Design at Berlin's KHB
before graduating in Future Textile Design from
London's Central Saint Martins and received
the 2010 ”German Design Prize” Award 
in the 'Newcomer' category.
She had several collaborations, adapting her
own flexible wood textiles to different sculptural
challenges: she came to create a wooden
carpet produced by Boewer, a fancy set called
”Accordion” made of a cabinet and a lamp
together with artist Sebastian Neeb while
Brazilian fashion brand Maria Bonita built up
frocks with Elisa's wooden textiles for 
their s/s 2011 collection.

With her flexible surface which can be transformed
manually in so many ways, Elisa succeeded in
harnessing one of nature's greatest gifts, wood, 
in a savvy way turning it into a stylish, natural 
textile, odd enough to 'shiver my timbers'.

Maria Bonita's catwalk images by Maria Bonita

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