Tuesday, 2 August 2011

a walk on the dark side

excerpt from Fashion Gone Rogue's photoshoot,
© photo by Zhang Jingna
Alternative fashion's alive and kicking despite
the era of mainstream-defined fashion and
marketing-driven trends yet it keeps on
shocking and inspiring with awe while utterly
expressing its burning desire for change.

© photo by Sylvie Blum
'Mother of London' is a conceptual couture brand
created in London by avant-gardist designer
Mildred von Hildegard who skillfully mingles
steampunk and Gothic styles and her name
is part and parcel of the alt fashion coterie.

© photo by Allan Amato
Currently living in L.A., Mildred surprisingly
had never studied fashion but her inborn
talent in creating outlandish garments 
and accessories put her in charge of 
starting a career out of it.

© photo by Rowynn Dumont
MoL's cutting edge outfits have been featured
in countless magazines and music videos
and her acclaimed leather body strap piece
will adorn the front cover of the upcoming
Filigree” magazine through the stunning
images of Wilmington, Delaware based
photographer Liz Besanson.

© photo by Nadya Lev
'Filigree' mag is a brand new Philadelphia
based magazine exploring the alternative
side of fashion, art and culture focusing
on independent artists and the fall-winter
premier issue will coincide with MoL label's
arrive into stores (Mildred had always made
bespoke one-offs for private clients so far).

© photo by Sylvie Blum
'Filigree' cover photo by Liza Besanson
”It's such a good time to be an alternative
 designer”, she shrewdly said. ”The mainstream
has taken a shine to the dark side, designers
like me definitely owe Lady Gaga a beer.”

Mildred's portrait by © Star Foreman

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