Friday, 26 August 2011

unbridled talent in harness

Zana Bayne is a crack designer, a tastemaker,
a stylist, a photographer, a style blogger,
a self-made entrepreneur and, it goes almost
without saying, an early riser who loves to work
with natural light as a painter.
”I came into working with leather without 
any prior training, so I've really let the craft 
guide me...” she acknowledged.

She had made a name for herself as the gifted
designer who recently came to dress the torsos
of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry with her inventive,
mind-blowing leather straps fastening and
emphasizing the body in a very natty way.
Harnesses with a vaguely S&M flavor, from
jagged armor-like creations to custom made
pieces which are wholly able to transform
every look turning a basic jacket or a minimal
dress into spiffy new garments.

Zana was born in Seattle, studied sculpture
and conceptual art at San Francisco's Art
Institute from which she earned a BA in
”new genres”, briefly lived in Berlin and now
living in NYC where she runs her own
Brooklyn studio as well her online shop.

Zana's eponymous line shows leather accessories
that are both wearable on skin and over clothing,
strongly accenting body parts such as torsos,
shoulders, collarbones, back or legs with hand
crafted creations, including belts and bootstraps,
recently releasing the AW collection's lookbook.
Fastening my eyes on it!

> all images © Char Alfonzo, styling by Raul Guerrero <

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