Monday, 1 August 2011

thanks alot Eri

Tokyo-born brainy designer Eri Utsugi has always
showed a keen desire to mix genres taking a foot
in Japanese Otaku culture and the other into the
Indie fashion realm creating her own 
heterogenous, dazzlingly pop style.

Eri attended Joshibi College of Art & Design
and later on both Esmod Japon and Paris'
Studio Berçot fashion design schools making
her design inception in 2001 for Frabois,
a typical Daikanyama (Shibuya's luxury ward)
fashion brand, and in 2005 joined Issey
Miyake's A-Net, with her own label called

Her multicolored merry outfits remind me
of 'Oilily' in the 80s and even her AW 11-12
collection whose theme can be summarized
as ”Fishy fish, swim, fly, jump and be happy”
is joyful and witty, challenging the everyday
wear codes mixing real life and make-believe.

I simply adore the way she mixes patterns,
checks and stripes using so many colors
incredibily matching and her compelling 
use of quality fabrics.
All her quirkily cute outfits look warm and
comfortable giving a feeling of coziness
and they look like they're meant to be worn
by a kindhearted, jovial urban tribe.

A highly personalized streetstyle wear which 
is far from being aggressive and gloomy
featuring great volumes and patterns with lots
of hints to mangas, fairy tales and pop culture.
Merci beaucoup Eri for your bright and 
bubbly idea of fun and fashion. 

>compiled from the designer's website original images<

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