Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Scandinavian sporty couture

The unique, timeless mood of Scandinavian
aesthetics, combining functionalism and
simplicity in its less-is-more tenet, came
to position the Nordic fashion scene
throughout the years as the independent
and even eco-friendly one.

Absorbing, inspirational labels from Denmark
and Sweden have blossomed off the pace
in the last decade skillfully mixing their 
own proverbial flair with innovative ideas: 
among them 'Altewai.Saome' has emerged 
as one to be closely watched.

'Altewai.Saome' was established two years
ago in Malmö, Sweden, by young designers
Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome who both
spent years working for Italian fashion houses
where they developed their inbred taste for
clean lines while Scandinavian traditional
attention to details lives on in the brand's
sporty yet sophisticated clothing.

Altewai.Saome's s/s 2012 collection shows
sport-inspired cuts and materials, silk and
crepe are combined with neoprene and airy
textiles, while the silhouettes give particular
emphasis to waist and the upper body in a
plush color palette where red, black and
yellow are paired with soft pink hues.

What I like about Altewai.Saome is that they take 
materials, themes and colors from active wear to 
create elegant dresses, from essential to richly 
embroidered or bead-encrusted ones.
Amazing skirts show a beaded ramage
followed by convoluted wads of chiffon
upon layers of king-size sequins and
fringed borders.

Once more the timeless appeal of well
tailored clothes comes together with
Scandinavian legendary easiness
and originality.
My kudos to the unwavering duo!

> all photos © by Kristian Löveborg/property of ASFB <

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