Wednesday, 3 August 2011

love at first blush

© photo by Dirk Alexander
Let me introduce you to something to eagerly crave, 
the glamorous pink 'Bento' handbag designed by Belgian
young talent Niels Peeraer, freshly graduated from 
Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts, part of 
his Master degree collection smartly called 
”Guess technology isn't ready for pancake tele-
portation” that came to win 5 different awards.
His très chic handbag is produced by Brussels 
journeymen of Studio Delvaux in a limited edition 
of 5, you read that right, only five copies.
A handcrafted gem for a few lucky ones!

1 comment:

  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    This is a great title for a very special handbag. Curious what the asking price will be for one of those five...
    Have a great Thursday and a great weekend!