Thursday, 11 August 2011

Greta Garbo-style divine allure

You may know I'm not a fan of fashion
magazines editorials notwithstanding that
they often assume a mood board-ish role
suggesting ideas through their own
'what-if-I-try-this' visual tips.
Exactly like in the latest Schön! 
magazine charming one.

Schön! is the trendy bi-monthly magazine
showcasing innovative ideas in fashion,
photography, illustration and writing uploaded
by contributors within the
network's users, actually ”...a shared
state-of-mind between artists, designers,
editors and other creators who bring all
of these ideas to life as a collective.”

Schön! magazine which has been 'created
by the energy of' and is
wisely available in print, to be viewed online
or downloaded as a pdf file on different
doohickeys while is the
professional network linking people in
the fashion industry from around the
world, invented and set up in 2008 by
London based fashion consultant Raoul Keil 
and the first ever that allows people to meet 
online, form partnerships, start-up projects 
strongly encouraging collaboration.

Schön! magazine in its 'lucky thirteen' issue
presents a lovely editorial called ”Divine
Elegance” whose sophisticated 1940s
mood jogs my memory to not to be
forgotten Greta Garbo's allure through
the absorbing images by Bo Brinkenfalk,
watchfully styled by Gordana Zlatanovic
with hair and make up by Eva Brodin and
eyebrow-lifted model Astrid.

Dramatic furred hats, shouldered jackets
and coats among a carefully arranged set
of glamour winter outfits by highly regarded
international brands often paired with
emerging designers works: das ist sehr schön!

>all images © by Bo Brinkenfalk/Schön! magazine<

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