Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fam's idea of fun

Every collection from Oslo's most eccentric designer
Fam Irvoll comes as a real outburst of color and joie
de vivre because everything she does is full of fun and
energy and her shows always playful and upbeat.
She came to present her AW 11-12 collection smartly
called ”Sooner Rather Than Later” at the latest Oslo
fashion week (where she came to introduce menswear
for the first time) showing her own unshrinking looks
made of mammoth polka dots, sequins, knitwear and
colorful dresses decorated with 'smoking doll' prints
in a tonal palette where shocking shades are 
mitigated by black and white.

Fam proved for the nth time her own iconoclastic creativity,
this time with prints and shapes much more wearable than
her previous collections: even if she has been inspired
by cartoons and toys especially by the 40's American
character Dick Tracy, her models remind me 
advertising shots of the 80's.

all images via Blow.co.uk

Fam's zany humor is always a boost of enthusiasm!


  1. Mi piace! La mano sulla scarpa è top :)))