Saturday, 20 August 2011

daydreaming couture

I'd always loved Iris Van Herpen's notion
of fashion, her anything-but-ready-to-wear
architectural dresses (click the Van Herpen
tag to read previous posts) but, most of all,
her desire to change the whole fashion 
design canon by injecting provocative 
fresh-blooded ideas into it.

Iris' dramatic eye for experimental, constructed
clothing design makes use of industrial materials
to create stiff and sculptural mises with a distinctive
armor-like effect amazingly combining hand-worked
components with innovative digital printing or
molding techniques.

That's why she briskly made her name, anyway
it was quite a surprise when Paris' Chambre
syndicale de la Haute Couture embraced her
talent electing the Dutch designer together with
Giambattista Valli as new guest members
to show their peculiar works on July last.

She came to present her debut couture collection,
actually a ”best of” selection with some of her
famed sculptured dresses from the past seasons
together with new designs from her latest
A/W 11-12 collection ”Capriole”.

A daydream collection where welded out metal
piping in copper, gold and silver shades; black
and white plastic tubes or triangles vests and 
fish bone-looking shouldered tops envelop the
body in a stunning line-up of sheer cfraftsmanship
pieces fully showing the designer's original standpoint.

Iris is such a forward-looking designer for whom
fashion is entirely an artistic expression, a
dressmaker who certainly doesn't see form
following function, yet its antithesis: form goes
with the body, altering it thereby changing
the emotion and the whole dressing experience.

all photos © Iris Van Herpen


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Indeed, daydreaming but very clever designs! Have a great Sunday. Love to you,