Sunday, 14 August 2011

Danubian girl wonder illustrator

'Catwomen in Love'
Like so many gifted artists, Maja Veselinović
felt the urge for drawing since her childhood
days in Trstenik where she began to draw
on everything she could easily reach 
from wallpapers, pieces of fabrics, furniture 
and even toilet paper proving her inborn 
aptitude for visual depiction.

'Olives and Wine'
With degrees in graphic design and art teaching
from the Faculty of Design and the College of Fine
and Applied Arts, both in Belgrade, Serbia's capital
city on the Danube riverbanks, Maja's artworks
have been featured in magazines, comics
anthologies and art publications.
She was acclaimed in 2008 by American 
magazine 'PRINT' as one of today's most 
promising European illustrators.

'Wild Flowers'
Maja works as a freelance designer, comics
artist and children's book illustrator always
bringing her own visual style together with
her distinctive Balkan overtone, cheery and a
bit disquieting at the same time, with tempera
strokes and black ink lines (lately she started
digitally coloring her illustrations, though).

'Dancing Boots'
'Wildflowers 1'
Maja won several domestic and international
design awards, had six solo and more than
forty group exhibitions and since 2009 became
a proud member of ULUPUDS, the longtime
established Association of Applied Artists and
Designers from Serbia; she also came to
volunteer as an editor of sadly came-to-a-stop
'Pionirov Glasnik' webzine.

I have a real soft spot for Maja's timeless style
with its bucolic hints and its childish verve which 
IMHO is quite suited to illustrate every kind narrative.

Maja Veselinović at work

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