Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Agatha's secret garden

Brazilian ”Agatha” womenswear label was
founded back in 1990 when designer
Ceiça Gioielli made up her mind in
establishing her own business having
worked for years alongside her mother,
a fine seamstress, aiming at producing
casual, get-at-able garments with
sumptous fashion references.

Eight years later the brand opened
its first store in Rio's Barra shopping
mall directly presenting its own young,
urban and independent style which
is comfy and functional and came to
receive recognition thanks to untrammeled
and reasonably priced looks.

Agatha's RTW fall/winter 2011-12 collection
”Recanto” (meaning a secluded place, the
most hidden and intimate, like a secret winter
garden) whose campaign is quite interesting
showing fancy tricots, breathtaking borboletas
(butterflies) pattern prints as well slender
silhouettes on blouses and trench coats.

Love its mysterious, deep, botanical blue, though.

> all images from the collection's dedicated website <

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