Saturday, 9 July 2011

worldly-wise debutant

Tunisian-born fashion legend Azzedine Alaïa
came to showcase his first ever haute couture
collection in over eight years to carefully
selected onlookers in his Paris' Marais
district headquarter.
Paris Haute Couture week closing day has
been quite a revelation with this atelier gig.

The acclaimed senior designer received a
thundering ovation for his lavish haute couture
debut collection made of amazing latticed-velvet
eveningwear, stunning leaf green felted wool
coat-dresses and short fitted jackets in his
typical body-conscious idea of fashion.

Alaïa has always been critic of marketing
driven fashion and its frenetic pace pointing
his finger at constant pressure on designers
to come up with the ultimate big thing thus
he's never been officially recognized as a
real couturier by the people who count.

Now he can finally call himself an haute
couturier joining as a foreign membre
correspondant the 25 major league of
designers who must strictly follow the rules 
laid down by the French Chambre Syndicale.

He could stop playing the fashion game
by his own terms as he always did
(showing his collections only when
he felt like it, for instance) yet he's 
the one and only 'King of Cling'.

all images © Azzedine Alaïa via

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