Thursday, 14 July 2011

woodlands honored women

When I saw Jan Taminiau's meticulously constructed
dresses it was love at first sight: the gifted young 
Dutch designer has a unique taste for shapes and 
structures showing all his love for craftsmanship 
and detail in his groundbreaking demi 
and haute couture collections.

Taminiau's latest haute couture collection opened 
recent Parisian Coture Week exhibiting his own
tribute to women with his signature elongated
silhouettes (thanks to the staggering platforms
he came to show in Amsterdam in January).

Called ”Extends Nature-An Honor To Women”,
the painstaking collection skillfully combines
all the established couture's elements such as
long adorned ruffled gowns, Victorian styled
corseted tops and collared dresses, flowing
chiffon plissé, emboideries and embellishments
with his own stretched shapes and sculpted,
sumptuous looking fabrics.

Earthy tones and brick browns are paired with
bronze and gold, silver sequins and amazing
tree bark-like effects. Adornments such as
shoulder flowers and bows make models look
like fairy creatures from the woods as in the
severe neck-to-toe bodysuit.

Bravo Jan, one more mark of honor.

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