Friday, 1 July 2011

uncontaminated ingenuity

The word 'in puribus' in Latin, the language
of ancient Rome and its empire, originally
meant ”in natural, nude” but it's now coming
to contemporary fashion through the double
phonetic corruption of ”in puris naturalibus”
meaning ”in pure natural condition”.

'Impúribus' is in fact the arousing nickname of
young Spanish designer Sara García Álvarez
who presents her fall-winter 11/12 debut
collection showing interesting structured
shapes, geometries and cuts as a result
of her own natural mind-set.

Sara studied architecture and fashion design 
at IED, the European Design Institute
and had a useful internship at named 
'Devota y Lomba' Spanish fashion house 
before starting off her own label.

I like so much the purity of her lines,
the confident way she combines matt
and glossy materials as well the shapes
of her long-sleeved tight jackets with
external shoulder pads and her fancy
asymmetric platead skirt.

> all images from the designer's website <
 The sternness of lines is always toned
down with smart tailored solutions
highlighting the silhouette and I guess
Sara has much more to show in
the foreseeable future.


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