Thursday, 7 July 2011

the recycling doddle

> plastic <
Pitti Immagine Filati never loses its thread,
the Florentine seasonal event is both a
research lab and a showcase for new
lifestyle trends presenting the excellence
of the yarn industry and the many
connections between contemporary
fashion and technology, art and design.

> wood <
The brightest stars of this 69th edition are
the world preview of fall/winter 2012-13
collection of knitting yarns and the brand
new area dedicated to eco-sustainability
inside the 'Fashion at Work' section.

> glass <
> metal <
'Recyclethic' turns the spotlight on recycling
showing a close-up view of the visionary
yet tangible ways to use and reuse different
non-knit materials that could stimulate research
and development of new from old with a
seven-stage tour extended throughout 
the Fortezza da Basso usual venue.

> rubber <
> paper <
The 'Spazio Ricerca' tour is a sensorial journey
through materials such as plastic, wood, glass,
metal, rubber, paper and rags to let understand
their own potential for reutilization or creations
based on suggestions coming from what already
exists and also a new itinerary for projects and
collections based on creative recycling.

> rags <
Enlightening practice goes stylishly luxurious.

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