Tuesday, 5 July 2011

La Vie en Chine

Among Shanghai's budding fashion designers
Miss Jenny Ji is unquestionably one of the
most talented: she graduated in economics
from a local university before changing her
career opportunities by turning into a designer
to pursue her strong interest in fashion.

Jenny landed a job in Hong Kong assisting
a Japanese designer then moved to Milan
to increase her knowledge before returning
to China where she launched her own
clothing line, wittily named ”La Vie
in French in order to appeal Chinese
shoppers' taste for foreign-sounding brands 
(they're not the only ones, though).

Jenny Ji established an elegant modern
Chinese look skillfully mixing contemporary
and traditional styles as she did in her previous
s/s collection named ”Blue Tiger Porcelain”
so it's small wonder that her label has
briskly made a buzz in her homeland and 
internationally with boutiques in Shanghai's 
fashionable Tai Kang Lu and Bund districts 
as well in Paris and Stockholm.

La Vie's latest fall/winter RTW 2011-12
collection called ”Calendar Girl” shows
stimulating East-meets-West outfits through
the staggering vintage-looking images
taken in sublime Yangtze river settings
by gifted fashion photographer Sun Jun.

Asked about her source of inspiration
Jenny Ji declared ”...every time we
recreate our design concepts, our
inspiration comes from a piece of
Chinese culture...” perfectly knowing
that her millenary country is
such a never-ending muse.

all images © Sun Jun/La Vie Design Studio

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