Friday, 15 July 2011

interactivity meets creativity

'Living Pod'_1 detail
Fashion and high-tech stride together at their
own hectic pace and the dynamic duo will
come to astonish us all more and more 
in the next few years with wearable 
garment/devices that will change the 
notion of dressmaking as we know it.

'Living Pod'_1 front view
Ying Gao is a Chinese-born fashion designer
and full professor at the Université du Québec
in Montreal, Canada, who has a unique
pioneering scientific approach to design.
Playfully exploring the modular nature of
clothing as well as investigating the relationship
between individuals and the city they live in
with its climatic and social environment, 
she gave the ancient ”zhezhi” Chinese 
technique of paper folding a new life by 
conceiving her unique interactive garments.

'Living Pod'_2 front view

'Living Pod'_2 detail
Actually a complete collection of highly conceptual
responsive garments able to interact with their
surroundings, light and airy ”intelligent” creations
that breathe and glow in response to noise, touch 
or proximity owning hidden micro electronic
sensors and pneumatic mechanisms 
directly sown onto the fabric.
Lightweight ruffled or origami-like pleated 
dresses, in nylon or super organza that 
”...are highly conceptual and should stay 
that way” as Ying briefly pointed out.

'Walking City'_1 front view
Throughout this summer the Musée National des
Beaux-arts du Québec hosts Gao's solo exhibit
called ”Ying Gao: Art, Fashion and Technology”
showing her best intelligent couture: a dozen
pieces including the acclaimed ”Walking City”
and ”Living Pod”, the inflatable and light-sensitive
garments she developed a few years back as
a tribute to British architectural collective
Archigram which first imagined mobile and
inflatable structures in the 60s.

'Walking City'_2 front view
”In order to create and innovate you need
unending curiosity, always strive to know
more, investigate more and experience
and experiment with as much as possible,
taking nothing for granted, and be as bold 

 and daring as you possibly can.” is the
headstrong designer/prof/artist/deviser's
philosophy and guidance.

'Walking City'_2 detail
Ying draws her inpiration from nature
focusing on using its basic elements
and it's rumored that she's currently
working with water to a new project
for the nonce called ”Wave Face”.

'Playtime'_1&2 centerpieces
Can't wait to see her upcoming
'poethecno' clothing inventions!

'Playtime'_1&2 worn
>all images © by Dominique Lafond via Ying Gao's website<

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