Tuesday, 19 July 2011

a cut above the rest

I always take a brief, hurried look at Barcelona's
080 fashion week, truth be told that I'm usually
lukewarm about its proposals however a well
balanced collection caught me by surprise,
the one by young designer Miriam Ponsa.

Paying homage to the traditional town festivals
of Catalonia, the appropriately called ”Festa
Mayor” s/s 2012 collection shows joyful,
unaffected outfits bringing back 
elements of cultural costumes.

Catalan designer Miriam Ponsa comes from
a family with an old textile tradition going back
to the early nineteenth century: the old family
'Francesco Ponsa' factory has been fully
restored by the young heiress who established
there her own label's head office and boutique.

”The atmosphere you breathe in this place has
 something magical...” she said and from this
cherished haven Miriam carries out constant
research into textures and fine handcrafted
techniques, ”...the factory reminds me of my
childhood, the stage of acquiring interests and 

 forming personality” she recalls by heart.

Miriam's ”Festa Mayor” bears a balanced
and distinctive character skillfully twisting
off the typical boisterous Catalan imagery
and traditions with cozy dramatically knotted
blouses, hand-shaped padded fabrics and
hand-embroidered trouble-free garments.

>all above images from 080 BFW<
The Barcelona show started and ended with
”cabezudos”, the big-head coverings usually
worn by Catalan revellers, walking the
Barcelona University venue's runway before
and after models happily wearing white rope
wigs, a translucent make-up and nice
espadrille-revisited canvas shoes with
wooden platform soles.

photo © Albert Gea/Reuters
Ponsa's collection is quite a painstaking
and genuine research on textures and
fabrics linked to the autonomous region's
strong cultural heritage which is noticeably
superior to all other entrants'.

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