Tuesday, 26 July 2011

architectonically yours

Architecture is the old art and practice of designing
and constructing buildings or other physical
structures that came to inspire Polish born
designer Anna Dudzinska for her AW11-12
collection befittingly called 'Arch.Tekt.Onik'.

The almost monochromatic conceptual
collection bears a unique avant-gardist
mien as well a subtle industrial feel with
futuristic and geometric shapes associated
with classic forms skillfully utilizing luster
metallic fabrics mixed with old and soiled
ones in gray and fawn hues.

Anna, a graduated from Cracow School of Art
and Fashion Design, treats fashion as a form
of experimentation combining opposing
subjects such as old vs. new, construction
vs. deconstruction, tasty vs. disgusting
in her own peculiar way strongly inspired
by modern architecture and interior design.

'Dud.Zin.Ska' is the designer's label
producing eye-catching carefully constructed
creations using texture, bold shapes and
angles whose innovative character is
swiftly making waves in the fashion world.

campaign & lookbook images © Rafal Wojczal/Anna Dudzinska

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