Thursday, 16 June 2011

Your Own Universe

YOU is a dawning men's footwear brand
based in Milan founded by Max Bosio, a
trained visual designer and Alon Siman Tov,
fashion designer, creative director and
dearest former colleague creating
”cross-cultural” iconic shoes skillfully
combining the sneaker's easiness with
a sophisticated touch.

YOU cleverly stands for 'Your Own Universe'
as an invitation to rejoin a new way of 
being through simplicity and style.
It's also about being environmentally conscious
by finding the right balance between ethic and
aesthetic because all YOU shoes are completely
made in Italy with naturally tanned and chromium-free
refined leathers along with biocompatible fabrics.

Leather is organically dyed and certified,
insoles made of eco-drive recycled PU while
eco-label fabrics are dyed with natural pigments.
All soles are made in good-old natural crepe
and believe me, they look posh and quite
comfortable, plainly YOUnique.

”When we started the project last year
we were constantly told that everything
in casual footwear has already been done
yet we didn't think so aware that there are
only few examples of eco-friendly shoes
completely made in Italy and conceived for
international dynamics and open-minded
customers...”  the founding designers
proudly say in our chat at the YOU booth
in Pitti Immagine Uomo's 'New Beat(s)'.

Ranging from grey powder to blue sky and
dove, YOU's sneak/not-so-sneak basic model
is declined in two versions, high & low in a
clean, essential summer collection; a fine
example of modern craftsmanship and
attention to detail for high-end urban shoes.

YOU's founding designers: Max, left and Alon
”Only great minds can afford a simple style”

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