Thursday, 2 June 2011


Melk Z-Da's amendoeira-inspired headpiece
terra boa e gostosa
Da morena sestrosa
De olhar indiscreto
Ô Brasil, verde que dá
Para o mundo se admirá
Ô Brasil do meu amor...”

Ary Barroso's 'Aquarela do Brasil'

Melk Z-Da's s/s 2012 collection
Next summer season begins to take shape during
Rio Fashion Week which is in full swing these days
showing the Brazilian brands' ready-to-wear
proposals for Verão 2012.
So many delectable looks are going to be displayed
on the country's old capital city runways with its
vast array of gifted yet optimistic designers.

Melk Z-Da's s/s 2012 collection
Lots of playful wearable outfits that I bet will
have a favorable outcome in terms of media
coverage and trade: here's my brief rundown
on Rio's exhibition focused, strange to say,
exactly as last year's post (here) on two zestful
brands, Melk Z-Da and Patachou.

Melk Z-Da's
I confess I'm smitten with their own collections
even if they're both not so bold: Melk Z-Da's
is inspired by tropical gardens particularly by
the chapéu-de-sol (hat of the sun) tree or
Amendoeira - almond tree - taking its leaves
that become more and more orange tinted 
while aging as a symbol of lively fashion.

Melk Z-Da's
Melk Z-Da's
A clever mix of lush fabrics and prints opened
the show with almost monochromatic white
looks emphasized each time by a single color
combo, washed green or faded orange while
the second part showed patterned prints
with leaves and boughs motifs in matte color
prints and the result is always refined.

Melk Z Da's detail pics by Marcelo Soubhia © Agência Fotosite
Melk Z Da's backstage pic by Sergio Caddah © Agência Fotosite

Patachou's s/s 2012 collection

 Patachou came to present a clever ethno-chic
collection with color combinations that make me 
think of Marni's palette and Emilio Pucci-like
frisky prints accessorized with outlandish
Mexican-inspired jewels.

Patachou's s/s 2012 collection
Patachou's s/s 2012
Styled by Erika Frade, Patachou's s/s 2012 collection
showed interesting silhouettes wider on top and tight
underneath together with great dresses in piquet and
honeycomb fabrics or golden embroidered patterns
as well fancy monochromatic looks.

Patachou's s/s 2012
Once again the lively Brazilian brands are a breed
apart from the gloomy European RTW labels still 
struggling with the ongoing slowdown.

Patachou's catwalk pics by Zé Takahashi © Agência Fotosite
Patachou's detail pics by Marcelo Soubhia © Agência Fotosite

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