Monday, 6 June 2011

Monki business

”Bliss is a room of ones own”
Monki is a stunning concept store and women's
clothing brand from Stockholm, the fashion-bustling
capital city of Sweden, with a hip and independent 
style whose unique lookbook has been skillfully 
rendered by an exceptionally gifted team.

Check out the brand's cool website to browse
through the 'basic trendy' looks of Monki, 
a very clean and simple, cheerful approach
to a juvenile everyday style full of well-done
sets, suggestions and playful ideas.
Actually a Monki is a lttle plush creature with
round face and bird feet which can be found
on prints, bags and stationary.

”Blowing my own horn, baby!”
I'm nuts about the botanical-inspired images
realized by the team made by stylist Emma
Wickström, photographed by Aorta/Lundlund,
Aorta is the cooperative trademark of photographers
Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän which are represented
by agencies such as Lundlund and Bransch,
the awesome illustrations by Ellen Berggren
and Joel Junsjö as set designer.

”Hunting high and low”
A clever mix of digital photography and
illustration resembling a fairy story, with
Alice in Wonderland reminiscences 
and quick-witted titles.
Easy, illustrated and dreaming, Monki's
clothes show personality and independence,
conceived for fashion-conscious people
they're ethically and environmentally
sustainable, free of harmful chemicals
(e.g. the ones used to grow and produce
 cotton) and processing involving animal
cruelty (like in Merino wool production).

”Taming the jungle room”
Monki is indeed an appealing way of doing
life and fashion, quick on the uptake about
youthful needs and the ever-changing trends.

”Doing it the no-no way”


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Love the botanical way and all the text with it. Great posting; something quite different from the usal.

    Lots of love,


  2. Checked out their website and it is really cool.
    These photos with the large flowers and flower pots are lovely.
    I especially like the "Unfallen"