Sunday, 19 June 2011

girls of Riyadh want 2 drive

I guess you know that Saudi women are forbidden
from driving and they also need a permit to ride a
bike. Two years ago a brave young Saudi woman
launched ”We the Women” campaign, aiming to
raise the issue while opening a public debate
creating smart declaration bubbles and bumper
stickers to be used as a space for self expression.
We the Women” campaign logo

A groundbreaking strategy that has been resumed
a couple of days ago when another plucky Saudi
woman set in motion #Women2Drive, a new
challenge to the 20-year-old ban on driving
gathering 51 women to take the wheel.
A female-led campaign that's not only about
women's driving rights (apparently only two
of them have been fined for not carrying a 

 license, though) but because they bravely drew 
the curtain off the preposterous interdiction.

#Women2Drive unofficial logo designed by Carlos Latuff
I'm proud to support both of them showing the
charming logos of the initiatives and strongly
hoping that Saudi women's movement 
will quickly gain steam!

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