Monday, 13 June 2011

Florentine guarana

artist Runo Lagomarsino's Brazil
Hey ya'll, I'm finally back after my longest 
posting vacation, actually I'm not away on business
nor traveling, simply having busy days being
June one of the year's hottest period.

”Tudo È” exhibition poster
Tomorrow Pitti Immagine Uomo will open
its 80th edition, the fair-event held twice a
year in Florence will showcase as usual
the newest creations in men's clothing
with 995 brands/collections on display.

fashion consultant and curator Helena Montanarini
The side event ”W” is instead devoted
to special projects in women's fashion
presenting exclusive previews and
s/s 2012 capsule collections featuring
a special area dedicated to Brazil's
emerging talents in two distinct yet
synergic themes, fashion design and
contemporary art.

Vanessa Montoro's knitwear
The Dogana Vecchia (The Old Custom
House) venue will showcase ”Tudo È”,
a stimulating selection of Brazilian
young brands and designers curated
by fashion consultant Helena Montanarini
with some of them making their European
debut such as Clube Bossa, Gilda Midani,
Isabela Capeto, New Order, Oestudio,
Vanessa Montoro and Victor Dzenk.

Gilda Midani's dress
Tomorrow is another day!

Victor Dzenk's s/s 2011 outfit

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Of course, globally a country as vast as Brazil does have a lot of potention! People must realize that in teh near future they will be more and more present in the global market. Borders are no longer a limiting factor with the modern media and marketing.

    It will be an interesting future to see how things will develop.

    You always put together the most interesting and informative, up to date posts! Making people broaden their horizons...

    Lots of love,