Saturday, 18 June 2011

finger calling

Are we really happy with our everyday digital devices?
These kind of electronic objects came to define us in
the last two decades but who and what defines them?
Are we happy with generic rectangles of a touch-screen
or do we want something more tangible?

These questions were the starting point for 
New Zealand-based brainy industrial designer and 
photographer Richard Clarkson to create a conceptual 
smartphone with a démodé rotary dial.
Called the 'Rotary Mechanical Smartphone', the
inventive mobile concept combines a digital
touch-screen on the front and an interchangeable
(rotary or button dial) mechanical disk on the back.

Sheer genius: I adore the steampunk look of this
cellphone directly coming from the friction between
digital vs. mechanical and skillfully emphasizing
the contrast between modern-day and traditional.
Hankering for it!

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