Wednesday, 15 June 2011

DIED = Dutch Inspired Ethnic Designers

With its Banksy-inspired awning and
the heavy-fruited wishful logo welcoming
guests & visitors, Pitti's ”W” exhibition
sets forth a very feasible sneak preview
of new designers' projects, clothing trends
and accessories fads for s/s 2012.

W” as in woman highlights collections
that are ever more specialized, standing
out for quality and tailoring while focusing
on new trends in the pipeline.
Yesterday I happilly met DIED, a fledgling
brand from Amsterdam established by
designers Diederik Verbakel and Marieke
Holthuis who met each other at Arnhem's
Fashion Design Academy.

Both graduated in 1999 the talented duo
worked in Italy for several companies while
becoming more and more fascinated by
travelling around the globe, discovering
local traditions and different lifestyles.
The whole experience was the spark to
start up their own inspirational brand.

DIED founder-designers work together
one-on-one to create unique pieces
of clothing and jewelry with the aim
of keeping true handcraft alive.
Each garment shows precious hand-finishes,
special detailing or handmade ink graphics
while the skillful mix or even the juxtaposition
of contemporary taste, ethnic references and
traditional workmanship makes the small
collection uniquely elegant.


”We love clothes that have a soul, that have 
 a story to tell... just like us!” they wrote in the
brand's website statement and I fully agree.

images marked * by Joy Datta/


  1. looove this style, amazing colors and materials!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Funny, my husband studied in the very same city; not fashion design though! Small world and amazing how life's journey for some can go. They're quite talented and no wonder with some experience they got in Italy and looking at the entire world for inspiration.

    Great post; as usual!

    Lots of love,